The Kids Pass January Sale! Get 30% off on Annual Memberships and Family Deals

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Jane Taylor in Travel & Leisure

Last updated: 28 January 2020, 05:05 GMT


Get 30% off annual membership on the January Sale up to 31 January with Kids Pass. After you’ve signed up, you will get a full year of huge savings and exclusive deals to the most popular attractions. Bring your kids and the whole family in theme parks, zoos, aquariums, play centers and many other days out, along with shopping deals only available to full members

As a digital membership group that offers discounts at cinemas, attractions, and restaurants across the UK, along with the UK and European holidays, you will get huge savings. You can download the vouchers you need and store them in your "My Offers" section of your app. No need to print anything out!

The app allows Kids Pass members to search for days out, redeem offers with our partners, store codes and tickets, keep track of your savings, find discounted restaurants near you, and more! A digital version of the Kids Pass card is available in this app, which can be used to redeem selected offers and promotions.

You can find your membership card on the app as well. This can also be shown when you are redeeming your offers. Find Kids Pass offers close to you by using your device location. There's no need to enter your postcode!

Promoted Recommendations

Want to show just bowling and cinema offers near you? Easy! Use the new Kids Pass filter options to show offers you want to see quickly and easily. Have you seen an offer you think your friends might enjoy? Share it with them quickly using social share functionality to spread the word!

The app has a range of useful features to help you find deals and offers that are right for you and your family and then share them with your friends. Sign up and book your next family adventure now!