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Last updated: 09 February 2020, 08:34 GMT

Selected using PDSA’s veterinary expertise, the range includes a variety of effective, easy-to-use products to suit your pet's health and wellbeing needs. Get 5% OFF in all PDSA Dog and Cat Treatments items using the LINK below this February. Proceeds from the sale of these products help our vets to help sick and injured pets nationwide.




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PDSA Vet Care Skin Care Dogs - Only £15.99!

Sensitive, flaky skin can leave dogs feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Our easy-to-use Skin Care Supplement for Dogs offers relief, reducing the urge to scratch and supporting their skin health. Containing four moisturizing oils and vitamin E it soothes from the inside – simply sprinkle over their food every day.

Specific FRD Weight Reduction Cat Food - Only £16.40!

Specific FRD Weight Reduction has a low content of fat and high content of fiber resulting in a low energy density. Even during a period of weight reduction, this will enable the owner to feed a considerable amount of food, supporting that the cat’s appetite has been sated. Benefits: Urine pH control: A urine pH below 6.4 supports a healthy urinary tract. Skin, coat & joint: Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat. 

Epi-Otic Antiseptic Ear Cleanser for Dogs - Only £11.20!

As an ear cleanser for cats and dogs, it acts as an anti-adhesive formulation that prevents bacterial colonization. It also helps to maintain the natural microbial balance of the ear as it cleanses, soothes and dries the ear effectively and gently.

Coatex Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs- Only £18.49!

An all-purpose shampoo that is excellent for dry and itchy skin. It works particularly well with long haired and thick coated breeds as it helps to detangle. The Coatex Aloe & Oatmeal formulation also contains a unique surfactant that won't wash off topical flea preventatives such as Advantage or Frontline.

Promoted Recommendations

About PDSA

As the UK's leading veterinary charity, PDSA believes that every pet deserves to live a happy and healthy life. The company strives to improve pets' lives – through prevention, education, and treatment.

Since 17 November 1917 PDSA has been saving pets and changing lives for 100 years. In that time the charity has helped more than 20 million pets, providing 100 million treatments. By sharing advice, preventing disease and treating sick and injured pets, PDSA works with owners to ensure happy and healthy pets. 

Today, the dedicated teams at PDSA’s 48 Pet Hospitals work tirelessly to provide 2.7 million veterinary treatments – including 440,000 preventative treatments every year. This helps over 470,000 much-loved pets and brings peace of mind to 300,000 owners.

As a leading authority on all things concerning pet health and wellbeing, PDSA has been leading the debate on pet obesity, conducting Britain’s biggest annual pet wellbeing survey, raising the status of animals or simply celebrating their contribution to lives.

This is all down to PDSA’s fantastic people: devoted vets, nurses, charity shop workers, fundraisers, volunteers and support staff. And it’s thanks to your help that PDSA can keep so many pets healthy and happy.

Pets are part of the family. PDSA’s four-legged friends give unconditional love and are sometimes a person’s only companion. They don’t deserve to suffer through economic and social hardship. They can’t help themselves. But PDSA can – with your help.

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