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Give the gift of everlasting sparkle with the Waterford collection of Housewarming Gifts. Help loved ones celebrate a new home with the gift of beautiful crystal, an item to cherish and keep forever. Click here to shop now.


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Marquis Moments Gin Balloon Glass (Set of 4)

If you’re something of a mixologist, appreciate the latest craft gins and enjoy gathering friends together, our Gin Balloon set gives you the perfect excuse. Whether you’re serving a pink gin, a classic Negroni or gin and cranberry, the excellent clarity of the crystal and the perfect rounded glass shape help infuse the flavors of the botanical ingredients so you can fully appreciate the aromas.

Marquis Moments Hiball Glass (Set of 4)

If you’re looking for a modern and minimal design in glassware with excellent clarity our Hi-ball set is the ideal choice. These understated glasses have a generous design and straight profile with a simplicity which means you can easily mix and match them for a casual get together with friends or a special family occasion.

Aran Bowl 23cm

The Aran Islands, known as the Jewel of Galway Bay are the inspiration behind this stunning Aran Bowl 23cm, created in the finest pure crystal by the Master Craftsmen of Waterford.

Marquis Lacey Vase 23cm

This Marquis Lacey Vase features diagonal cuts making it a modern classic – perfect for any home.

Marquis Markham Stacking Decanter and Tumbler Set

The Markham Collection showcases traditional-style cutting in a timeless style, crafted in crystal with outstanding clarity and reassuring weight. This unique Stacking Decanter and Tumbler set forms the perfect way to share Whiskey with a friend. This collection brings finesse to your drinks by the fire or makes an ideal gift, presented in a Marquis by Waterford box.

Promoted Recommendations

Why Trust Waterford?

The beauty of Ireland, the ‘Emerald Isle’, it's rugged coastlines, steep cliffs, rolling waves, and the vivid blue hues of the ocean are the inspiration behind Waterford’s Lismore Classic Stunning Collection. The Craftsmen of Waterford use a technique, known as ‘casing’, the traditional and highest quality way of creating colored crystal.

One or more layers of colored glass are fused to a base of clear crystal and then by cutting through the colored casing, the underlying clear crystal is revealed and incorporated into the design. This intricate workmanship, where each piece is blown twice due to the two-layer technique, makes colored cased crystal even more valuable.

This stunning collection from Waterford includes beautifully cut vases in vibrant ocean colors forming eye-catching centerpieces alongside outstandingly crafted tall vases designed to bring a unique style to the home with all the rich heritage of Ireland and its unique land and seascapes.

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