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Reversible Furniture Protector

Now armchairs and two and three-seater sofas can keep their the showroom looks for longer - thanks to these protective covers.

For a start, that gorgeously soft plush fabric is a lot tougher than it seems. Hardwearing and water-repellent, it forms an effective shield against splashes, spills, dirt, stains and pet hair.

And because they're reversible they giving your furniture a fresh look takes only a few moments. It's like having two covers in one - available in Brown/Beige, Sage/Olive, Wine/Camel, Black/Grey or Navy/Blue.

Held in place by an adjustable strap across the back (so no risk of slipping down), our Reversible Furniture Protectors are machine washable, quick-drying and are supplied in a strong, zippered plastic re-useable storage bag.

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Zaeta Slim Patch

Normally, if something sounds too good to be true, chances are it isn’t true. But for every rule, there’s an exception and this weight-losing aid seems to fall into that category.

The Zaeta Slim Patch contains both Probiotics and Prebiotics, to build and maintain a healthy colony of bacteria and other microorganisms that apparently encourages the bacteria in your gut to burn fat at a faster rate - resulting in the weight just falling away - you’re literally turning your body into a fat burner.

The manufacturers claim that you can shed seven pounds in seven days, 30lbs in thirty days. And you can go on until you reach your ideal weight. You can eat as normal (no faddy diets) and just take your usual amount of exercise.

As for the patch themselves, they’re 100% more effective than any pill or capsule, naturally based, with time-release over 24 hours, with 100% absorption and increased bioactivity.

Now the crucial question: will they work for you? In all honesty, only time will tell. But if they do, you’ll have found a weight-loss method that we only used to dream about!

Superior Dirt Trapper Mat

Keep the ‘great outdoors, outdoors, with this improved Superior Dirt Trapper Mat.

Used in place of an ordinary doormat it’s like a magnet for mud, rainwater, dirt, wet leaves, and snow - absorbing and holding them fast - up to 6 liters per square meter in fact – yet 100% waterproof so your floor will always be clean and dry.

Essential for pet owners, gardeners and young families, this durable and hardwearing mat are made from millions of plush super-absorbent micro-fiber bristles that are molded into its base, so fibers won’t shed with wear. Made with a special tear and split-resistant PVC backing it won’t slip, move or ruck. And it can be cut with scissors, great for edge-to-edge positioning.

Mould and mildew resistant, its machine washable for effortless cleaning. Available in a choice of 3 colors: Coffee, Slate, and Linen, in 4 sizes Small (L60xW40cm), Medium (L75xW50cm), Large (L100xW80cm) and Extra Large (L150xW80cm).

Promoted Recommendations

Plug in GoHeater +1 FREE

Get instant heat with the portable plug-in ceramic GoHeater LED. Space-saving, lightweight and portable, it plugs directly into your wall socket, so no more cables or trailing wires to trip over.

Mini-sized, it packs a mighty punch, instantly warming up to 250 sq. ft. Ideal for bedrooms, study, chilly corners, garages, offices, caravans, hotel rooms and more. Whisper-quiet, it's powered by a 500W safe ceramic heating element with a two-speed fan, all housed in a high-impact stay-cool flame-retardant plastic casing.

New for 2019, the upgraded GoHeater LED features a color-changing light show, cycling through 7 vibrant colors. Attractive, but also a visual reminder when you leave the room that the heater is still on. Features include; a programmable digital control panel with adjustable temperature settings (15°C - 32°C), a 12-hour auto-stop timer, high and low fan speeds, and color change enable/disable.

With overheat protection and safety cut-off if tilted, its energy-efficient and costs just pennies to run. Choose from classic or deluxe, which includes a full-function remote control. Measures H18xW9.5WxD7.5cm.

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