Save up to 50% on selected Star Buy products and 5% OFF in All Your Purchases from Nisbets UK

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Professional catering appliances are critical to the success of any professional kitchen - ask any chef or F&B manager. The very best appliances don't compromise on power, performance, functionality or reliability. Save up to 50% on selected star buy products and get 5% off in all your purchases from Nisbets UK.

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Whether you’re setting up a new restaurant or simply expanding your menu, the selection includes all the cooking machines, food prep equipment, drinks machines, food display units and washing solutions you need to keep your kitchen or bar running smoothly.


Promoted Recommendations

Catering Appliances

Also within this section is a wide range of cleaning appliances, such as professional washing machines, vacuum cleaners, waste disposal units and much more.

These kitchen appliances benefit almost all aspects of professional catering. From heavy-duty cooking equipment such as commercial microwaves and countertop fryers to rapid-wash dishwashers and attractive hot food display cases, the category includes machines that help you to delight your customers, save money and reduce waste.

With a great variety of top British and international market-leading brands such as Buffalo, Rowlett, Rational, Lincat, Dynamic, Classeq, Robot Coupe and much more, you’re sure to find the right product for your needs. There’s also a massive selection of Spares and Accessories which can help to further extend the lifespan of your important catering appliances.

Why Nisbets UK?

Quite simply, Nisbets UK’s company purpose is "Catering equipment made simple" as executed in three main ways:

  • Choice - of product range, price and shopping channel
  • Quality - with different product and service options
  • Service - by setting the industry standard, speed to market and making it easy to do business with us

Established in 1983 on the basic principle of high quality catering equipment affordably priced. Today, Nisbets products cover everything from refrigeration to pastry, cooking machines to knives, and everything in between.

At Nisbets, you will understand the pressures of a commercial kitchen and making your life easier is at the heart of what we do; Order before 8 pm for next day delivery, plus order by 3 pm Sunday for Monday delivery!

Nisbets UK is constantly growing and put our success down to:

  • Low Prices; The commitment to supplying catering equipment to all our customers at a low price. If you find a lower published price on the same terms, we will match it.
  • Customer Service; Expert in handling thousands of orders every day, and our specialist teams have been trained to give every call and order the attention our customers deserve. We listen to our customers and continually strive to improve, see a selection of our customer testimonials.
  • Next Day Delivery; Always have the pride on next day delivery which is free in many cases.
  • Huge Product Range; You can have stock for over 25,000 products in order to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Within Nisbets, you are conscious of our environmental impact, with a dedicated team of volunteers committed to keeping us green. Every aspect of our organization and supply chain are free from slavery and human trafficking. For more information see our Slavery and Human Trafficking statement.

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