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Promoted Recommendations

Classic 'Old English' Shrub Rose Collection

These wonderful new roses have been expertly bred using the latest techniques to give you summerlong displays, superb fragrance – and simply brilliant garden performance!

Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection

These top-quality, 'Professional Standard' fruit trees mean YOU can now grow full-sized crops in your garden or even in pots on your patio!

The Complete Summer Flowering Bulb Collection

Transform your garden this summer with this simply brilliant collection of summer-flowering bulbs. You’ll be amazed by the dazzling array of colors and variety of shapes for 5 whole months of summer!

The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection

You can now enjoy true year-round interest with vibrant flower color, brightly colored berries and stems, tactile bark, and wonderfully fragrant flowers - simply brilliant value for money compared to expensive potted garden centers shrubs.

Lilac Syringa Palibin Standard

A stunning addition to add to your patio, this fantastic new dwarf Lilac is just the thing for small gardens or for sprucing up patios and decking areas in a large pot!


Promoted Recommendations

About YouGarden

Gardening is for everyone! That's right; you do not even need a garden to get growing. Many plants can be grown on balconies, small patios, and decking, so you can catch the growing bug, and even grow your own freshest fruit and vegetables too.

Sometimes gardening can be a confusing maze of Latin names and strange words and can be confusing or off-putting - YouGarden simplifies all and remove all the jargon and give you down to earth advice on what to grow – and how!

YouGarden will show you how to get success from products through videos and care instructions. These are easy to grow and will give successful results with a minimum of experience. From the thousands of plants available, you can pick those that really work and perform. YouGarden has done the sifting and choosing for you, to bring you the best.

Having YouGarden’s own nursery means the company are constantly in close contact with plants and even grow some of our own, or pot on smaller plants to give them time to establish before becoming available to buy. This means YouGarden can guarantee that your plants will thrive because it is sourced locally, nationally and internationally to ensure you have the best range, highest quality, and greatest value for money.

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