March Offer! Buy One Get The Second Half Price on Selected Royal Albert Collection

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Last updated: 05 March 2020, 06:59 GMT

Buy One Get The Second Half Price at Royal Albert. Offer applies to 100 years of Royal Albert only. The lowest-priced item will be half price. This will be applied at checkout as it expires - Midnight 31.03.20. Click here to get this offer.

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100 Years of Royal Albert Festival Mug and Plate Set

The design inspiration from different decades offers a tour of the 20th century through the eyes of Royal Albert and the Mug and 20cm Plate Set in Festival reflect a 1950’s style trend derived from atomic structures, ‘spiky’ architecture and crystals reflected in this pattern.

100 Years of Royal Albert Regency Blue Mug and Plate Set

Drawing on Royal Albert’s rich archive dating back to the early 20th century, each design is adapted to suit modern-day trends while retaining its authentic design essence.

100 Years of Royal Albert 1930 Mint Deco 3-Piece Set

The 100 Years of Royal Albert 1930 Bouquet 3-Piece Teapot, Sugar & Cream Tea Set is part of a specialist collection to celebrate 100 years of Royal Albert.

100 Years Of Royal Albert 10 Piece Set (1900-1940)

Capturing the very essence of vintage charm and perfect for vintage lovers everywhere, the 100 Years of Royal Albert 10 Piece Set (1900-1940) truly celebrates this company’s incredibly beautiful archive of pattern and design - with exquisite pieces all commemorating a different decade since their commencement in 1904.

100 Years Of Royal Albert 5-Piece Plate Set (1900-1940)

Immerse yourself in a modern-day vintage tea experience with the 100 Years of Royal Albert 5-Piece Plate Set (1900-1940). Creating a romantic wonderland of quintessential English charm, all of these 20cm sides plates depict a different design to reflect their chosen decade, all in honor of commemorating Royal Albert’s 100 years of design.

Promoted Recommendations

#100YearsOfTea from Royal Albert Collection

The 100 Years collection celebrates over a century of outstanding design, floral heritage and tea drinking. Enchanting teasets take inspiration from a different decade since 1904. From the pastel mint and floral lines of the art deco thirties to the rich regal tapestry of the’ll be spoiled for choice and can mix and match for a fusion of modern-day romanticism and old-school nostalgia.

Presented in one-of-a-kind gift-boxes that perfectly show off the feminine luxury within, these items would make ideal gifts for vintage-lovers. To celebrate the exciting launch of the new 100 Years designs, we have teamed up with TalkBeckyTalk - a gorgeous fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger that knows a thing or two about hosting a stylish afternoon tea party. 

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