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Last updated: 26 March 2020, 07:28 GMT

When you buy from Bedeck, you’re buying into family, heritage, and trust. Bedeck is one of the only handful of bed linen providers who still have their own in-house textile design studio.

Painting, drawing, printing, weaving, Bedeck has a large team of visionary creative who feed inspiration to our growing army of design-hungry followers through our in-house brand portfolio.

Save 50% on the Helena Springfield Paloma Towels in Nautical: £5.00 - £20.00!

These pure cotton towels are adorned with a sumptuous botanical inspired floral trail and leaf pattern, woven in a palette of cobalt blue and ivory tones. Available in hand, bath and sheet sizes each towel has a narrow woven hem decorated with a multi-colored stitch effect.

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Save 20% on the Beautiful Murmur Ella Towels: £9.60 - £28.80.

The Ella towel collection available in 4 colorways, in a subtle geo design with fringed hem detailing adds to this simple, considered collection. All in 100% cotton.

Save 20% on the Adorable Scion Spike Towels in Aqua – Prices Start at £9.60!

Meet Spike - the happy hedgehog! The cheerful Spike towels come in four sizes (guest, hand, bath and - new for 2015 - bath sheet) of sumptuous 100% cotton velour 550 gms. The woven jacquard towels feature Spike all over, complemented by a contrast color hem and are available in three mouth-watering colorways: citrus, pink and aqua.

Bedeck: Your Mind Made

Whether we’re creating or curating linens and homewares, our eye is always on the detail. The best that the world of design has to offer is all here at Bedeck - the things we would be proud to take home and use. This is pure inspiration, underpinned by the foundations of satisfaction - quality materials, perfectly, perfectly made. It’s everything you need to show who you are.

Human Kind

Bedeck is about inspiration. We try to be inspirational in our approach to our suppliers and partners too. Many of the products we sell are made by some of the world’s most talented craftspeople using ancient, inherited knowledge and techniques. We appreciate their work, so we only ever deal with companies that treat their employees fairly and with kindness.

Promoted Recommendations

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