Fresh New Ideas for Spring at Scotts of Stow with Free Delivery this 2020

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Last updated: 20 February 2020, 07:51 GMT

To celebrate winter's emerging departure we bring you these new spring deals that'll help you freshen up your own space. Shop the full collection here.

Light n Easy Cordless Double Brush Floor Sweeper

Super easy-to-use: save your back with no bending: switch the sweeper on/off with your foot. Plus, the ergonomically-designed grip makes sweeping tireless.

Cera Titanware Divided Saucepan

This divided saucepan cooks up to four different vegetables at once, saving on energy, hob rings and washing up! Accessories include a poacher lid to poach up to three eggs at the same time and a colander attachment to strain or steam fish and veg.

Ring Reducer Solution

When applied to the inside of a ring, this easy-to-use gel dries to a clear, non-slip coating that feels like silicone. In minutes you'll be able to 'resize' any ring for a fraction of the cost of using a jeweler.

Power Floss Oral Irrigator

Power Floss is an easy-to-use pump-action tool designed to penetrate hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, cleaning between the teeth and flushing out any residual debris left after brushing.

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Butter Knife

Spread hard butter straight from the fridge onto hot toast, crumpets, and other bread products with our ingenious 3-in-1 butter knife. It has small holes along the top of the blade that create spaghetti-style swirls that soften and melt in an instant.

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About Scotts of Stow UK

‘From the heart of the Cotswolds... to the heart of your home’. With the roots deep in the Cotswolds, it’s fair to say that the values are somewhat traditional to Scotts of Stow. They believe in giving unbeatable value for money, unwavering standards and an uncompromising level of quality. You’ll find those values in abundance are constantly changing the collection of stylish and clever products.

Elegance and value from kitchen-to-table

The roots are firmly in the Cotswolds but also in the kitchen – ‘the heart of your home’. In 1991, Scotts of Stow introduced British Racing Green into the Great British Kitchen and our farmhouse influenced gingham and co-ordinates are as popular today, as they have ever been.

Not just the kitchen but all of the home!

Each season we pride ourselves on leading the way in bringing you the latest, most innovative and imaginative new items for everyday living. Today over half of our range are products for the home. From the bedroom and bathroom, through to the living room, study, the dining room and hallway – many items you simply didn’t know you ‘need’.

Shop the full collection here.

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