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Last updated: 21 February 2020, 09:51 GMT

Check out these popular Farmhouse Crockery collection. Perfect for a summer’s afternoon tea, and soon to all be 10% off! Click HERE to shop now!


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Perfectly encapsulating the interior design industry's love affair with all things rustic and industrial, our Farmhouse Crockery Collection brings timeless charm to any kitchen or dining table.

10% Off Nicola Spring 6 Farmhouse Tea/Coffee Mugs

Add some timeless charm to your home kitchen with this 6 Piece Coffee Mug Set, part of the Farmhouse Crockery collection from Nicola Spring. Perfectly encapsulating two of the hottest current home decor trends, these 350ml Tea & Coffee Mugs combine traditional industrial functionality with vintage rustic country cottage farmhouse personality, inspiring nostalgic visions of exposed brick walls, timber beams and flagstone floors.

10% Off Nicola Spring 6 Farmhouse Side/Bread Plates 16cm

The sturdy porcelain construction of these dishes balances that old world aesthetic with a durability perfectly suited to the rigours of 21st Century living. Soft, rolled rims protect against chipping if knocked, while twin embossed rings provide the perfect frame in which to serve your culinary creations.

Promoted Recommendations

The Nicola Spring Crockery

As with all Nicola Spring Crockery, each of these pieces is Dishwasher Safe for easy, hassle-free cleaning. With 19 separate kitchen and dining crockery pieces available, whether you're looking for the complete country cottage experience, or just wanting to bring a little warmth to your modern world, the Farmhouse collection from Nicola Spring has everything you need to help you fully realise whatever your vision of home may be.

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