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Last updated: 31 January 2020, 06:26 GMT

Explore the White Folia Collection available at Wedgwood. The White Folia collection is inspired by the beautiful, natural forms found in nature, perfectly encased in silky white china. This range features individual patterns and motifs unique to each piece, meaning that you can curate your own bespoke collection. 

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Organic forms and a subtle floral pattern harmonize perfectly with the flowers that they are designed to display, making these items perfect gifts to give with beautiful floral for special occasions or for your own home.

Striking in their simplicity, White Folia bowls, vases and frames offer understated luxury in a contemporary design. Each piece is presented in a signature Wedgwood blue gift box.

White Folia Large Lithophane

Wedgwood’s White Folia welcomes everyone to nature, without the bugs. Touchable botanical-inspired pieces bring the refreshing and restful qualities of the great outdoors into the home.

White Folia Small Lithophane

Wedgwood’s White Folia small lithophane captures the essence of nature’s beautiful botanical forms, welcoming in the best of the outdoors (without the bugs).

White Folia Photo Frame (Photo: 4x6inch)

The White Folia Photo Frame (Photo: 4x6inch) is a beautiful, inspired design that will make a perfect gift for capturing favorite memories.

White Folia Photo Frame (Photo: 5x7inch)

The White Folia Photo Frame (Photo: 5x7inch) is a beautiful, inspired design that will make a perfect gift for capturing favourite memories.

White Folia Round Vase 21cm

The White Folia Round Vase 21cm has a modern, flawless design with a truly unique profile. Bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home, this vase celebrates and embraces natural forms and shapes in silky white china.


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Wedgwood drew upon its considerable archive for this indulgent range. Steeped in authenticity while maintaining a modern, classic style. Combining elegant interior design motifs with the pure oval form of the celebrated Wedgwood cameo, together with bold Florentine accents to give scale and impact.