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This Complete Patio Potato Growing Kit means that anyone can now grow delicious, fresh potatoes. You don't even need a garden - a patio, balcony or courtyard will do! Just add compost and water and you will harvest your first New Potatoes in just 8 weeks.

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We have included 3 fantastic varieties to give a range of harvest dates.

  1. 'Swift' (Early) - as its name implies, this is a very fast-cropper, reaching harvest in 8-9 weeks from planting in March, producing gorgeous, tender new potatoes in abundance.
  2. 'Charlotte' (Salad) - perfect as a new potato, or used in salads, yet keeps well for boiling too.
  3. 'Desiree' (Maincrop) - the classic red-skinned, yellow-fleshed potato that has been a garden winner for decades. Great for boiling or mashing, but we love them best as jacket potatoes, with lovely crispy skin!

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Top Tips on How to Plant

Note: Your seed potatoes will need chitting prior to planting. On receipt, stand them in an egg box in a cool, light room so they can begin chitting (shooting). Leave for 3-4 weeks, and short dark shoots (chits) will emerge. Take care not to damage these when handling or planting.

Keep your potatoes well-watered as they grow - dry conditions will result in a considerably reduced crop.

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Care Information for Your Plant

Start with a little compost in the base of your 'Grow-Pod', about 6-7in (15-17cm). Place the tubers onto the compost and half fill the pot. Keep some horticultural fleece handy, should cold nights threaten.

The green shoots will eventually poke up through the compost, and when they do, cover them with another layer of compost, water, and feed. Keep on adding as the plants grow until you reach the top of the pod.
The first and second earliest will grow quicker than maincrop potatoes which are in the pots for longer, so require more regular watering.

In the ground, first earliest will take around 14 weeks to mature, second earliest around 16 weeks, but in warm containers, you can knock a couple of weeks off that, particularly if you like to eat them small and tender.

New potatoes are at their best eaten immediately, so pull out only what you want for one meal, leaving the rest to grow on.

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