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Last updated: 02 April 2020, 06:33 GMT

Save Up To 70% on Medicines Products at Chemist Direct. Getting the best value is crucial and at ChemistDirect.co.uk you'll get everything at the best possible prices. That means you'll find amazing savings on well-known High Street brands and over the counter medications. Click here to shop now!

Care+ Clove Oil BP

Clove Oil BP is a cure to stop toothaches and temporarily relieve the pain. If you have toothache, you should always see your dentist but for temporary relief you can rub clove oil along your gums to help with the pain.

Optrex Double Action Monodose for Itchy and Watery Eyes

Optrex Double Action Itchy Eye Drops help you to restore the balance of your eyes' protective layer.

Promoted Recommendations

Safe & Sound Knee Support Small/Medium

Safe and Sound's Small/Medium Knee Support provides comfortable and continuous support with gentle compression to injured or weak knees. Size Small/ Medium.

Actimove Epifast Knitted Elbow Support Medium

This provides effective support for the elbow from sprains and strains or prevention during sporting activities. It can also help reduce the swelling and pain associated with injuries. Specially designed knit around the elbow region accommodates free movement during wear.

Aquastop Adult Size Long Leg 97cm

Aquastop Adult Size Long Leg 97cm is a waterproof cast and bandage protector, suitable for someone who is post-surgery or who has broken their leg.

Promoted Recommendations

Chemist Direct is the UK's #1 Online Pharmacy

Our mission is to keep everyone in your household in the best of health; fighting fit and ready for whatever life has in store, so you'll be glad to open your door to Chemist Direct. At Chemist Direct, we pride ourselves on being there for, not just your needs, but also those of your whole household. So, if you're managing the well-being of your partner, children, elderly relative or even a furry friend - you've come to the right place.

We'll give you access to products which, among other triumphs, can help you quit smoking when more than sheer willpower is needed, stop a blinding migraine in its tracks or turn the Great British summer into allergy-free fun. We know that for some, online shopping for your healthcare may not be something you've considered before, so you'll need to know more about us! Here's why you can trust you're safe when shopping with Chemist Direct.

Putting this unprecedented level of choice at your fingertips means expertly selecting everything we stock to ensure it carries proven healthcare benefits. We don't believe in miracle cures, unsubstantiated fads or the magical properties of snake oil, so we wouldn't expect you to settle for anything less than the genuine article!

By heading to our Pharmacy Services department you can send us your prescription or visit our Online Doctor if you have an existing medical condition and require further medicines, thereby saving your busy day from the GP's waiting room.

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