Get a FREE Nomination Bracelet when you spend £35 and 50% off Engraving on ALL on Nomination products!

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Last updated: 31 January 2020, 03:38 GMT

Explore official Nomination jeweler, bracelets and charms for men from approved UK Nomination retailer John Greed as part of Valentine’s Day Deals. For a limited time only, get free delivery on all Nomination orders. These Valentine’s Day Deals are a sure-fire hit for those looking to buy beautiful gifts for the one they love.

Get a FREE Nomination Bracelet when you spend £35 on Nomination products! || 50% off Engraving on ALL Nomination Products!

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Voucher Details: Get 3 Nomination #OneForMeOneForYou Charms for £50

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Why Buy from John Greed?

John Greed wants to amaze and delight you with his jewelry, the best shopping experience, and focus on customer service as he strives to deliver the extraordinary. You will get a deep technical understanding of jewelry. Also, you will know better appreciate how wearing jewelry transforms and redefines us all.

When you're looking at our website, you will not feel you're merely browsing a catalog. You will be both inspired and excited. Your imagination will be fired up to show you who you could be, wearing the jewelry made by John Greed.

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The Company

John Greed brought to life his passion for selling jewelry after working on his sister’s stall in Covent Garden as a student. John believed jewelry should be exciting, innovative and expertly designed and that it should be sold in a way that reflected that. Realizing that most jewelry retailers did not fulfill his idea of passion, theatre, and make-belief, John Greed jewelry was born.

Since John arrived in Lincoln in 1991 with just a bicycle and £100 in his pocket, the company has come a long way. Now a premier jewelry destination both online and with a flagship Lincoln store, John Greed provides any jewelry lover with the perfect handcrafted designs, designer labels, and unique brands, whatever style, personality or occasion. Combined with unparalleled customer service, immaculate packaging, and presentation, John Greed jewelry now attracts tens of thousands of visitors each day to its constantly updated website.

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