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Last updated: 04 February 2020, 07:38 GMT

Discover the range of Benefit Cosmetics, from bestselling Hoola Bronzer to Roller Lash Mascara. Straight from San Francisco, Benefit makeup focuses on accentuating the features you love with their innovative formulas, housed in retro packaging.




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Voucher Details: Get 21% OFF in Benefit PLUS a FREE makeup bag when you spend £35


Up to 50% OFF in Illamasqua PLUS a FREE gift when you spend £50!

Discover high-performance makeup brand Illamasqua. Celebrating individuality, every single Illamasqua product will help you to be the best version of you. Whether you're after glowy highlighter, high-pigment eye shadow palettes or the perfect nude lipstick, you're bound to find it right here.


30% OFF in selected Decleor products!

For almost four decades Decléor has been dedicating themselves to research into the science of aromatherapy. Decléor focuses on creating the purest beauty products on the market by prioritizing natural ingredients that provide the best for your skin.

Featuring a premium range of skin and body care including moisture-rich creams, cleansing gels and firming serums that all work to perfect your complexion, leaving you with softer, more hydrated and nourish the skin.

Combining scientific knowledge with natural ingredients, the Decléor range blends only the most beneficial ingredients to give you results that you expect to see from a luxury skincare brand like Decléor.

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Why HQHair?

HQhair was first founded in 1999, but it has come a long way since then. As seasons and fashions change along with the products are stocked. We aim to arm each and every woman all around the world, with the cosmetics, tools, and advice you need to feel confident and free to wear your beauty however you want to. 

Beauty products are anything BUT boring. HQhair believes that mixing 3 different lipsticks to get the perfect shade and using that glitter pigment in your hair gets your style more creative and fun!

No two girls are the same that makes owning your individual style and setting your own trends more attractive. HQhair aims to provide you with the newest, coolest and sometimes weirdest beauty products on the market so that you can experiment fearlessly.

Look out for the amazing offers and promotions that give you a little bit extra, and check out the HQhair Blog for the newest products, trends, and tutorials.

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HQhair’s Mission & Vision

HQhair’s mission is to be your beauty BFF. To enhance your inner confidence with cosmetics, hair care, and skincare.

HQhair provides young women with the tools, products, and advice they need to be able to create their own look to express their individuality. It also aims to list a wide range of cult and niche beauty products and become the go-to destination for color cosmetics for women worldwide.

The vision is to inspire young women around the world to look to HQhair for advice, inspiration and for their color cosmetics needs. HQhair wants to show how beauty products can be used in new and exciting ways, daring to go for the bold and vibrant looks and championing the brave and fearless.

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