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Store your headphones or earphones on the Rock On Headphone Stand. With an antique gold finish, the stand features a rockers hand pose on a weighted felt base. The hands’ grooves allow you to wrap wires and cords around neatly to help prevent tangles forming, while headphones will rest between the fingers. The stand not only offers a ‘handy’ spot for your head or earphones but its cool design will look great on a desk, bookcase or next to your turntables.

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The Grow Me Sunflower gift box contains a packet of sunflower seeds and everything needed to grow your own little ray of sunshine. The joyful flower will help spread a little happiness with its sunny disposition. 

This pack contains real plant seed. The seed can die before or after germination. Please plant your seed as soon as possible. Due to the varying nature of the conditions that the seed are stored and grown in, neither Gift Republic Ltd nor any other company supplying this gift can accept any liability in relation to any non-performance of the seed or coir disc and pot.

Occasionally, due to the nature and availability of the seed, it may be necessary to substitute certain seed varieties with alternatives. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Please retain packaging for future reference. This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such.

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Try your luck with our Mystery Sock 10-pack – with a pair every day for over a week! The pack will contain huge franchises like Star Wars, The Big Lebowski, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC Comics so you can re-stock your sock drawer to your heart’s content.

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Stay refreshed when gaming with this iconic drinking mug. Inspired by one of the greatest video game consoles ever created, the PlayStation Controller Mug takes its design from the unmistakable original PlayStation. A retro-cool gift for gamers, the PlayStation Controller Mug features a grey decal with classic PlayStation logo and controller symbols, as well as an original controller shaped handle.

The first gaming console to ever ship 100 million units, the original PlayStation was launched by Japan-based electronics company Sony in 1994, rapidly becoming one of the best-known gaming brands in the world. With successive consoles building on that original unprecedented success (including the best-selling console of all time, the PlayStation 2), the iconic image, name, and logos of the Sony brand are instantly recognizable with gamers of all ages.

The PlayStation controller, with its distinctive shape and iconic button symbols of a green triangle, blue x, red circle, and pink square, are now virtually synonymous with console gaming in general. A great gift for gamers of all ages, the PlayStation Controller Mug is an officially licensed product.


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