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Last updated: 20 February 2020, 07:36 GMT

Our long-lasting and non-staining scent collection is the perfect way to make your faux flower arrangements even more convincing. Freshen up your arrangement and your home with our welcoming flower scents here at Bloom.

Silk Flower Wash

Spray your silk flowers with our wash to maintain the dewy fresh from the garden look. Our water-based flower wash is the perfect way to keep your fabric flowers in top condition. Used once a month or so, it helps remove dust and restores that fresh-from-the-garden luster.

Lily Scent

Freshen up your arrangement and your home with our welcoming flower scents. You need to get to within six inches to spot that a Bloom arrangement isn't the real thing. Precise down to the minutest detail, there's only one thing that gives the game away - an absence of smell. Which is where our specially created fragrances save the day. This lily scent is a lovely example. 

Lavender Scent

Always fresh and fragrant, this lavender scent is sure to create a relaxing atmosphere. Simply add a few drops to your arrangement and simply breathe in the scent and unwind.

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Summer Fields Scent

An intoxicating blend of wild flowers, blossom and new-mown hay. That's the appeal of this fresh outdoors scent and the reason so many people choose it to give their homes a warm floral fragrance. Add a few drops to your silk flower arrangement.

Mediterranean Citrus Scent

Like a warm Mediterranean breeze it's a heady, complex blend of lemon and lime zest with subtle undertones of grapefruit. Exciting top notes of thyme and wild rosemary harmonize perfectly, resulting in a scent that captures the essence of Sicily, Sardinia or the South of France. Simply scatter a few drops over your Blooms and breathe in the fragrance.

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About Bloom

Bloom is the country's leading silk flower retailer and part of the largest mail-order company in the UK. But the 'seeds' were planted in California. On a trip to Los Angeles, Tiffany saw a new generation of artificial flowers. A million miles from the crude, mass-produced plastic versions that were generally available, these were beautifully designed, painstakingly made and amazingly realistic. For her, it was a 'wow' moment. Unlike any faux flowers she'd seen before, they were - quite simply - a revelation and an inspiration.

Creating a Warm Joyful Ambience

At the time, Tiffany was working as a stylist, art directing photographic shoots for a range of clients including The Sunday Times, Simpsons of Piccadilly, The Royal Opera House and Gardens Illustrated. But whether the commission was for Wedgwood or Dulux, Next or Elle Decoration, it was obvious that flowers not only enlivened but really transformed an interior - lifting the mood and creating an atmosphere that was warm, natural and inviting.

Spreading a Little Happiness

The clients agreed and would spend thousands at some of the most fashionable (and expensive) west End florists. And when, after the shoot, she gave them (the clients that are, not the florists) the flowers as bouquets, beautifully wrapped in craft paper, they were delighted. But no surprises there - it's a well-known fact that flowers make people happy.

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