10% OFF in All Beautifully Boxed Bamboo Gift Sets Available Only at Sock Shop

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Last updated: 13 February 2020, 06:16 GMT

Super soft treats for feet! Choose from a range of bright colors and quirky designs, all neatly packaged in beautiful gift boxes. Beautifully boxed Bamboo Gift Sets are now available at Sock Shop






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Men’s 4 Pair SOCK SHOP Gift Boxed Bamboo Color Burst Socks

Color-bomb that drab sock collection with this 4-pair pack of men’s SOCK SHOP Gift Boxed Bamboo Color Burst Socks! In a choice of color mixes, plain and patterned styles, this lovely-looking, gift packaged everyday socks will suit, or supercharge, all his clothing choices with contrasting colors.

Ladies 3 Pair Sock Shop Bamboo Bright Gift Boxed Socks

Know someone with boring socks? Inject some color and pattern into her sock drawer with one (or more) of our mixed triple packs of Ladies SOCKSHOP Bamboo Bright Gift Boxed Socks! We’ve put together several of our best and brightest bamboo rich styles into special sets with varied colors and designs. We're loving the Pride gift box option!

Men’s and Ladies Sock Shop 1 Pair Lazy Panda Bamboo Lobster Gift Boxed Socks

If you’re going to shell out for a pair of novelty socks for a seafood fanatic, then get your claws on these SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Bamboo Lobster Gift Boxed Socks, and be snappy! Our socks, in men's and ladies' sizes, show simply huge, detailed motifs of red lobsters right down their length, on a black background.

Ladies Sock Shop 1 Pair Lazy Panda Bamboo French Poodle Gift Boxed Socks

Oo la la, tres chic! This pooch is looking good in his beret on our SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Bamboo French Poodle Gift Boxed Socks — fun, feel-good foot covers woven in bright full color to give your ankles added eye-appeal.

Promoted Recommendations

The SockShop Company

SockShop started in 1983 - the brainchild of Sophie Mirman and Richard P. Ross. From an idea first labeled “silly”, ours is one of the greatest success stories in British retail. Part of the Ruia Group since 2006, it has become an online giant supplying over 240 countries across the world with our ever-growing product range.

"People should be able to buy socks and stockings as easily as they buy newspapers". This was Sophie’s view and one which led her to create the very first SockShop, at London’s Knightsbridge tube station.

Four years later, there were 52 stores in the SockShop chain and we’d become one of the fastest-growing specialty retailers in Europe. Soon we were setting up shop around the world; our novelty design, bold colors and dramatic patterns making us a household name, from Paris to New York.

Modernizing for success

SockShop strive to be the first to bring new ideas to the market. Having dealt with the changing demands of time and fashion, SockShop has reached the point where we stand now - the forefront of online retail.

From socks and tights to hats, gloves, scarves, and underwear - SockShop continues to offer better prices and a quality, trusted experience.

Check out SockShop's range of school socks and tights and get yours now! 

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