Up to 12% OFF in School Socks & Tights Available at Sock Shop until April 2020

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Last updated: 30 January 2020, 07:54 GMT

If you need to update your child's term-time wardrobe then check out SockShop's range of school socks and tights. With colors available in the staple black, white and grey, you can ensure that your kids look smart and stick to the dress code!





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Why SockShop?

You won’t find anyone crazier about socks than SockShop

Since 1983, the company did very little else but live and breathe socks - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and even to this day we still do... all from the beautiful Bolton mill.

  • More than 70 brands in our huge online store
  • Round-the-clock service from our historic Bolton mill
  • We delivery to over 240 countries worldwide

The world-leading range of SockShop includes garments from more than 70 brands, chosen by us to cover all tastes and trends - patterned or plain, compression or cozy. 

Whether you love socks like us, or simply need to re-stock your drawers - SockShop has what you need in our huge online store.

And SockShop doesn’t stop at socks.

Underwear, hosiery, scarves - you name it, the company has got it all here at great prices. 

And as members of the Ethical Trading Initiative, you can be sure of our integrity and quality.

What’s more, you’ll never be left waiting. Our warehouse is always stocked with millions of items ready to be shipped out to you.

For a safe pair of hands (and feet) choose the SockShop experience. Just ask our growing army of fans on Facebook.

The SockShop Company

SockShop started in 1983 - the brainchild of Sophie Mirman and Richard P. Ross. From an idea first labeled “silly”, ours is one of the greatest success stories in British retail. Part of the Ruia Group since 2006, it has become an online giant supplying over 240 countries across the world with our ever-growing product range.

Fashion’s front-runners

"People should be able to buy socks and stockings as easily as they buy newspapers". This was Sophie’s view and one which led her to create the very first SockShop, at London’s Knightsbridge tube station.

Four years later, there were 52 stores in the SockShop chain and we’d become one of the fastest-growing specialty retailers in Europe. Soon we were setting up shop around the world; our novelty design, bold colors and dramatic patterns making us a household name, from Paris to New York.

Modernizing for success

SockShop strive to be the first to bring new ideas to the market. Having dealt with the changing demands of time and fashion, SockShop has reached the point where we stand now - the forefront of online retail.

From socks and tights to hats, gloves, scarves, and underwear - SockShop continues to offer better prices and a quality, trusted experience.

Check out SockShop's range of school socks and tights and get yours now!