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Last updated: 03 March 2020, 07:37 GMT

Check out the latest offers from Nordgreens! Get Up to 20% OFF in your next purchase to celebrate a positive change for humankind towards a greener future. Discounts are automatically applied upon checkout using the link below:

Pioneer | Black Dial - Black Leather - Danish design by Jakob Wagner, interchangeable straps - From £219!

The Pioneer is Nordgreen's take on a Chronograph, celebrating the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity, which aims to create positive change for humankind, thus working towards a greener future.

Denmark is a global pioneer in green technology advancements, driving change, and inspiring nations across the globe to do the same. With the Pioneer, we are inviting you on a journey for a better future.

The minimalist, clean dial is synonymous with the sustainable environment that we strive to live in. Third hand stopwatch, the Chronograph second hand, indicated by the red tips, are representative of the red tips found on wind-turbines, reminding us of the bond between Nordgreen and the sustainable outlook of its homeland.

The Pioneer comes in a variety of dial colors - blue, black, and white - three case colors - gun metal, silver and rose gold - and one size - 42mm, best suited for male wrists.

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Native - BUNDLE White Dial Silver | Brown Leather / Black Leather / Silver Mesh Strap - Danish design by Jakob Wagner, Interchangeable straps - From Only £179!

Our Native watches are about balance. Balance has been a central figure in many civilizations for thousands of years, but today it is more prevalent than ever. Why? Because as Copenhagener's have found, balance is the secret to a happy life.

Our Chief designer, Jakob Wagner, wanted to bring the Native back to the founding routes of a watch with a brilliantly classic look that has been redefined for the modern being.

The elevated design is a result of the rounded case. The clean dial, invisible minute marks and rounded lugs define the watches' classic intentions.

This perfectly balanced designer watch is suitable for men, women, boys and girls. The Native is your perfect timepiece. What's more, with our inter-changeable straps, the look can be redefined for every occasion.

The Native is comprised of four case colors - silver, rose gold, gun metal, and gold - three dial colors - blue, black, and white - and three sizes - 40mm, 36mm, and the Native Lille 32mm.

Men's Bestselling Watches

There is power in understatement. Nordgreens' most popular men's watched, including their best-selling Silver Native with Brown Leather strap, prove that sometimes the most subtle design can make the biggest impact!

Promoted Recommendations

Native | White Dial - Black Mesh - Danish design by Jakob Wagner - From Only £149!

Infinity - Silver - Danish design by Jakob Wagner - Only £159!

Jakob Wagner’s biggest source of inspiration for the silver Infinity is nature. He wanted to connect the Infinity with the evolution of nature, removing the complexities that modern civilizations have brought to Earth. In doing this, we have arrived at pure simplicity, leaving just the essentials, represented by the removal of the lugs, the date, and the fine detail of the hourly marks. While the deep curvature of the dial reminds us of infinite time and space, affirmed by the extended hourly marks that glide up to the edge of the dial.

The straps, which connect directly into the watch are inter-changeable, allowing you to match the watch to any style, making it suitable for any occasion.

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