Celebrate the Newness Of Spring With Nordgreen! Get a Free Strap with every watch or bundle this April

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Last updated: 09 April 2020, 06:41 GMT

Build Your Own Bundles with Nordgreen! Go outside and get your best look on! Save up to 20% and add a touch of personal style to your gift bundle when you choose 1 or 2 extra interchangeable straps. Click HERE to shop now!

Men's Bestselling Watches

There is power in understatement.  Our most popular men's watches, including our best-selling Silver Native with Brown Leather strap, prove that sometimes the most subtle design can make the biggest impact.

Bestselling Women's Watches

Life is complicated. Choosing a watch shouldn’t be. Find the watch that’s best for you with our most popular ladies watches, including our bestseller, the Rose Gold Infinity with Rose Gold Mesh strap.

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The Story of Nordgreen


As watch-lovers, we believe all watches should have the highest quality and best design. As Danes, we believe in companies that are honest, sustainable, and that put others first. As consumers, we couldn’t find any affordable watch company that embodied all of these things. So we created it.

At Nordgreen, we take all of the steps possible to do things the right way. The Danish way. We work directly with Jakob Wagner, one of Scandinavia’s most heavily awarded designers, to ensure thoughtful, modern products.

We work tirelessly to hold our materials, customer service, and the entire Nordgreen experience to the absolute finest standards. Months of thought lie behind every subtle detail to ensure a sustainable, functional, yet affordable collection compatible with any lifestyle.

To do things the Danish way means to do things with pride and purpose - we don’t settle for anything less.

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