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Last updated: 09 February 2020, 07:48 GMT

At Jigsaw Puzzle when you buy 1 puzzle you can get the next 10 for only £6! Shop the full collection of puzzles included in this offer here. This offer is only valid until 13th February 2020 at 11 am. Offer cannot be used with any voucher code.




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How to Buy?

Buy 1 jigsaw puzzle in the hereunder selection and enjoy up to 10 jigsaw puzzles for just £6 each!]

  • Choose minimum 1 puzzle in the product selection just below
  • Click on "Shop Offer"
  • Now you can choose up to 10 discounted puzzles, in the displayed selection!

Do you want to get more puzzles? Then buy 2 puzzles in this selection and get up to 20 puzzles for £6 each!

Promoted Recommendations

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Shop the full collection of puzzles included in this offer here

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